Introduction To Gypsy Jazz By Sébastien Giniaux, Gift By Crédit Mutuel

As part of JAZZ SUR SEINE Festival 2018

Introduction to Gypsy Jazz by Sébastien GINIAUX, gift by Crédit Mutuel - As part of JAZZ SUR SEINE Festival 2018 - Photo : DR
As part of the festival: Jazz on Seine 2019

Crédit Mutuel, One of the main partners of the JAZZ SUR SEINE Festival 2018, offers to its amateur guitarist customerss as well as any amateur guitarist on prior registration and mandatory ( a Masterclass of Initiation to Gypsy Jazz by one of the French masters of the genre, the guitarist Sébastien GINIAUX.

Born in 1981, guitarist, cellist, composer, arranger and painter, Sébastien Giniaux is today one of the essential musicians of the French jazz guitar and the gypsy jazz and world music scene. He began the cello at the age of six at the Conservatory of Bourg-la-Reine, then continued his apprenticeship in the conservatories of Boulogne and Aubervilliers-la Courneuve. He meets guitar and traditional music at age 18, and learns the instrument by himself, with foremost influence the music of Django Reinhardt, to which will soon add the music of the Balkans (Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia), the music improvised music. At the head of groups such as the "ĀLEF" sextet (compositions, contemporary jazz from here and elsewhere), the Sébastien Giniaux Trio, the Django53Quartet, the Balkan Project (big band of the Balkans, musics from Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and "gypsy"), the Electric Balkan Trio with Ivica Bogdanic and Meivelyan Jacquot, he also plays with Cherif Soumano in the duet "African Variations" and with Mathias Levy and Jean-Philippe Viret within the trio "Revisiting Grappelli" Sébastien is also part of Romané Tchavé, a mix of gypsy jazz and Romanian music, with Stochelo Rosenberg and Ionica Minune, quartet of violinist Mathias Lévy, Tony Gatlif's show and Didier Lockwood "Django Drom"; he is one of the soloists of the Selmer 607 and Django Club group, and participates in many and varied musical and artistic projects. Composer, arranger and musician for the singer Norig until the end of 2012, he was part for five years of the famous gypsy group "Taraf de Haidouks" (Disk Maskarada at Crammed Discs). With more and more incursions in painting (exhibition "Modern Life" of thirty-five canvases at Frémeaux and Associates in September 2014) and in speech, he tries to apprehend different artistic practices as so many languages, and defines art as "a transition from an imaginary state to the real state, then a transition from reality to multiple imaginaries". He has been heard alongside Richard Galliano, Biréli Lagrène, Didier Lockwood, Angelo Debarre, Anne Sila, Maxime Zampieri, Taraf de Haidouks, Naissam Jalal, Toumani Diabate, Cyril Aimee, Florin Nicolescu, the fingers of the man, David Reinhardt ...

Sébastien Giniaux - lead guitar


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