Blick Bassy

Blick Bassy - Photo : Justice Mukheli
As part of the festival: French Quarter, Jazz in NYC 2020

Imagine an African artist with the tenderly subversive touch of Bon Iver, the haunting falsetto of Skip James, the razor-like mind of Akala, and the inventiveness of later period Radiohead. You’ve just imagined Blick Bassy. In the slipstream of his acclaimed album Akö, Blick Bassy delivers 1958, a defiant tribute to the heroes who fought and died for the independence of his native Cameroun. Its focus is specific, but its themes - the bondage of neo-colonialism, the need for heroes, the relevance of history and the search for true identity - are universal. An album to thaw the heart and sharpen the mind.

Contact Booking : Claire Henocque - TOUR MAKERS : 

Blick Bassy - Guitar, Lead vocal
Clément Petit - Cello, Backing vocal
Johan Blanc - Trombone, Keyboards, Backing vocal
Arno de Casanove - Keyboards, Trumpet


February 2020

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