Arnaud Dolmen "Tonbé Lévé" + Guest : Maria Grand

Arnaud Dolmen “Tonbé Lévé” + guest : Maria Grand - Photo : Alexandre Lacombe
As part of the festival: French Quarter, Jazz in NYC & Montréal 2019

"Tonbé Lévé" is the first album very noticed by Guadeloupe drummer Arnaud Dolmen as leader. The volcanic encounter between the Gwoka (traditional music of Guadeloupe) and the aesthetics of contemporary jazz.

Arnaud says, through this opus, that the imbalances of life are a force ... with the help of his aerial game, swift and unpredictable incisive notes.

Contact booking : Marion Guerry - Unisson Production :

Arnaud Dolmen - Drums, Comps
Léonardo Montana - Piano
Adrien Sanchèz – Tenor & Soprano saxophones
Zacharie Abraham – Double bass
Maria Grand - Saxophone


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