Clover Trio

   Post Bop
Clover Trio
  • Saturday June, 29th 2019
  • 9:00 PM
  • L'Apostrophe
  • Dinner & concert
  • Free entrance
  • Free entrance with participation in the hat

The Clover Trio draws its inspiration from Jazz, Pop and Rock. Harvest, their first album, invites us to discover a music that unceasingly pushes further its point of balance, sometimes featuring hypnotic grooves. Emerging from the encounter between these singular personalities along with their original compositions and the re-interpretation of pop standards like Isn't She Lovely or Imagine, a contemplative, elegant and intense world is born.

Damien Argentieri (organ) is known for his collaboration with, amongst others, Lionel Loueke, Jean-Jacques Milteau or Didier Lockwood. His powerful and sophisticated touch merges with the subtle performance of Sébastien Lanson (guitar), imbued with the spirit of the West Coast of the United States where he spent ten years, notably with Louie Bellson's orchestra, Jon Faddis but also John Worley Jr. Over this complicit dialogue, Benoist Raffin's (Drums) natural groove hovers, making of his art an unusual adventure, refined along with Steve Potts, Bobby Few or Jean-Loup Longnon.

" I like the integrity and the beautiful interaction of the Clover trio. The chemistry between the three musicians really brought the magic out. Harvest is a beautiful album."

Lionel Loueke

Damien Argentiéri : organ
Benoist Raffin : drums
Sébastien Lanson : guitar


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