Jam Session Autour De Chick Corea

#LaJamDeTOUSLesJazz FRANÇOIS CONSTANTIN percus invites

JAM SESSION autour de CHICK COREA - #LaJamDeTOUSLesJazz FRANÇOIS CONSTANTIN percus invites - Photo : DR
As part of the festival: Jazz on Seine 2019
  • Monday October, 14th 2019
  • 9:00 PM
  • Baiser Salé
  • Free entrance

There are very few Jam Sessions that pay tribute to Chick Corea ... yet there is plenty to do and the evening promises a great class with a five-star line-up! Christophe Cravero, pianist of Billy Cobham, Etienne Mbappé, influenced by Brad Mehldau and Chick Corea precisely; Nicolas Viccaro, drummer also of Etienne Mbappé and Dhafer Youssef; Gilles Coquard, former Cap'tain Mercier, Nilda Fernandez ...! From his beginnings in the 1960s to the present day, from Latin jazz to avant-garde, including jazz-rock and jazz fusion (which has become his favorite style), Chick Corea has not stopped experimenting , solo or in multiple formations. At more than 75 years old, he seems to have maintained the vitality of a young man and still impresses us ... Now legendary rendez-vous of Lombards street and all around Paris, the Monday night jams guarantee good mood, discoveries and reunion. A must for the Baiser Salé!

François Constantin drums/lead
Christophe Cravero piano
Nicolas Viccaro drums
Gilles Coquard bass