Jam Session "Hommage à Ray Charles "- Instrumental

#LaJamDeTOUSLesJazz FRANÇOIS CONSTANTIN percus invites

JAM SESSION “Hommage à RAY CHARLES ”- Instrumental - #LaJamDeTOUSLesJazz FRANÇOIS CONSTANTIN percus invites - Photo : DR
As part of the festival: Jazz on Seine 2019
  • Monday October, 21st 2019
  • 9:00 PM
  • Baiser Salé
  • Free entrance

Usually presented as the artist who has offered soul music to the world, Ray Charles nicknamed "The Genius" also illustrates the meeting point between Jazz, Rhythm 'n' Blues, Pop, Blues and Country.

François Constantin invites for the occasion, 3 musicians who know each other well since they play together in trio for several years. Jean-Michel Kadjan, at the initiative of the trio, is considered one of the leaders of a new current of French guitarism: the "modern blues". Renowned musician, he shares the stage with Michel Jonasz, Didier Lockwood, Joe Dassin, Tony Gadd, Tony Williams ...

A colorful jam is waiting for you. Musicians and young musicians in cosmopolitan jazz, this jam is for you !!

François Constantin drums/lead invites :
Jean Michel Kajdan guitar
Laurent David bass
Jean-Christophe Calvet drums