Jam Session – Hommage à Yves Montand

#PlaceAuxJeunes - Caloé Invits…

JAM SESSION – Hommage à YVES MONTAND - #PlaceAuxJeunes - Caloé Invits… - Photo : DR
  • Sunday March, 22nd 2020
  • 9:00 PM
  • Baiser Salé
  • Free entrance

Legendary artist and committed citizen: singer, dancer, actor and producer, charmer and talkative, but also sometimes vulnerable, big mouth and always in love with justice, Yves Montand made an impression. At the end of the 1940s, thanks in particular to the support of Edith Piaf, he became a star of the French music hall, with songs like Les feuilles mortes, C'est si bon or La Bicyclette. His musical success then takes him to the cinema. With the political trilogy of Costa-Gavras “Z, L'Aveu and State of siege”, it acquires in addition to its status of committed singer, that of committed actor. Caloé sings jazz, improvises, performs music from different cultures and writes music and words. Fervent admirer of Sarah Vaughan and Ella Fitzgerald, she studies the "scat" with precision and technique to master it in her own way. A warm and exciting jam!

Antoine Laudière guitar
Michelangelo Scandroglio doublebass
Olivier Robin drums
Caloé voice