Jam Session Tribute To Louis Armstrong

#PlaceAuxJeunes - PHILIPPE MANIEZ drums invits...

JAM SESSION Tribute to LOUIS ARMSTRONG - #PlaceAuxJeunes - PHILIPPE MANIEZ drums invits... - Photo : DR

Born in a disadvantaged environment in New Orleans, Louis Armstrong could have delved into delinquency but meeting a music teacher will change his life. He began to play, from the age of 13, in orchestras, brass bands, in clubs but not yet knowing how to read the scores, he compensated by using improvisation. Virtuoso trumpeter and singer of great talent, he plays a vital role in the history of music. He is the first true improviser soloist to come to the fore. He invented and popularized jazz as we know it today.

Philippe Maniez, Bastien Brison, Nicolas Moreaux, meet twice a month around a theme that they invite you to come and explore with them! The pianist Bastien Brison is characterized by an elegant and precise playing. Philippe Maniez returns from the United States and resumes service for the Sunday evening jams! Coming from a classical and jazz background, he has notably played alongside Stéphane Belmondo, Gaël Horellou, Tony Tixier. Driven by his keen sense of melodies, nourished by his personal reveries of reminiscence and his travels, the music of Nicolas Moreaux makes the world resonate. An art based on surprise, ruptures, the use of silences, with romantic accents, with a phrasing that is both dynamic and light.

Philippe Maniez, drums
Bastien Brison piano
Nicolas Moreaux doublebass