HornDogz is a trio of producers that unites 3 crazy dogs you inevitably have heard or encountered alongside George Clinton, Amp Fiddler, Tony Allen, Frank McComb, Dele Sosimi, Juan Rozoff, Bibi Tanga & many more.
If HornDogz is to be considered a horn section in the first place, it is in particular the project of three cornerstones of the French Funk scene.

Eric «Shrizzadelic» Rohner, Gilles «C-Freak» Garin & Rico «Adiko» Kerridge first met in the band Malka Family being part of the founding members . After more than 15 years on the road, together or apart, they reunite under the inseperable Greements De Fortune, band of the French TV program «Salut Les Terriens». In 2010 they replace at a moment‘s notice the brass section of George Clinton‘s Parliament Funkadelic on his European tour and for this occasion were baptized HornDogz by the bass player Lige Curry.
They adopt this name in order to finalise a project they care so much about: «#WOOOF», a footbridge between Hip Hop and P-Funk. #WOOOF - Your Daily Canine Zine (2014), an album parallel to their new tour with Amp Fiddler & Tony Allen, the trio shuts itself away in the studio of Uptone Records to compose 14 tracks where they are joined by quality guest musicians yielding their support: Amp Fiddler, Fred Wesley, Blitz the Ambassador, Bibi Tanga, Juan Rozoff and Ty.
After the release of 2 EP's Dogfood Vol. 1 & 2 (2013 & 2017), the next leap will focus on forthcoming 2020 release of a successful recording mission with the undisputed Dr. Funkenstein & legend himself: George Clinton

Stay tuned cause we got the bag and it's sizzlin', #woooof!


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