Géraldine Laurent Quartet


Géraldine Laurent Quartet - "Cooking"
As part of the festival: French Quarter, Jazz in NYC 2020
For years ago, in february 2015, Géraldine Laurent recorded "At Work" : a true manifest of rythmic Jazz. Since this record, many concerts, travels and surprises, all kind of experiences that run throught music and build a group's life.

Her music could be build around a phrase, or be develop lengthily on contemplatives forms, but there's always a hurry, something that bright out each second of her music and her notes. In her infinite quest of true emotion in Jazz, we can hear influences from Rollins, Dolphy, Coltrane, Hawkins or Parker...  

Geraldine wanted to name this record "Cooking" because as cooking, music is about balance ...

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