Sebastien Llado Quartet

Sebastien Llado Quartet - Photo : Sebastien Llado

Here is a virtuoso trombonist with a gift for ubiquity: Sébastien LLADO, a collaborator with artists from across the jazz spectrum, from Archie Shepp to Gregory Porter, as well as with musicians who have played at JAC: Nico Morelli, Clothilde Ruillaut, David Patrois... Sought after by all for his sense of experimentation in all directions and a frightening mastery of sound, he will be at the head of his own quartet: Rémy DECORMEILLE, piano (and incidentally mathematics), Jean-Philippe VIRET (Music Victory 2011), double bass, and Simon GOUBERT (trained among others at the demanding Magma school and the 1996 Django-Reinhardt prize), drums. A high-flying quartet that will distil a music full of joy, lightness and freedom.

Free entrance for Jazz members at the Confluent or support 7,00 € for non-members (7,35 € online)
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Sébastien LLADO: Trombone, Rémy DECORMEILLE: piano, Jean-Philippe VIRET: Double bass and Simon GOUBERT: Drums

  • 74 Rue Désiré Clément, 78700 Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, France
  • Conservatoire George Gershwin - Salle Debussy, 74 rue Désiré Clément
  • Gare de Conflans ville
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March 2020

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