Jam Session Tribute To Kenny Garrett

#FestivalEstivalDeJam #14

JAM SESSION Tribute to KENNY GARRETT - #FestivalEstivalDeJam #14
As part of the festival: #FestivalEstivalDeJam
  • Wednesday August, 12th 2020
  • 9:00 PM
  • Baiser Salé
  • Free entrance

At the Baiser Salé, we take advantage of the summer to spend free and festive musical evenings at the Festival Estival de Jam, from August 3 to September 2.

More than a simple concert, the jam is an opportunity to discover outstanding musicians, to see them having fun improvising together. It is the feeling of participating in a unique moment.

One hour of concert lays the foundations and launches the theme of the evening in homage to an artist then a jam takes us until the end of the night.

Appeared in the early 1980s when a part of jazz was refocusing on some of its historical values, Kenny Garrett was the first to show, by the dramatic intensity of his playing, that the viola could again compete with the saxophone. tenor, instrument par excellence in the quest for jazz since John Coltrane, a musician whose influence he claims loud and clear. Kenny Garrett is today the legatee of a certain tradition of the post-bop viola and surrounds himself with younger musicians who integrate rhythmic elements from hip-hop, nu-soul or music into their playing. gospel music that help keep his music in touch with the latest developments in African-American culture.

A tailor-made line-up: 3 young musicians influenced by afro music, nu-soul, hip-hop, led by saxophonist Nora Kamm, Selmer soloist prize, Tremplin Jeunes Talents 2014.

Edison Knight keybords
Ranto Aniavo basse
Dharil Esso batterie
Nora Kamm sax


September 2020

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