Claudio Miotti Trio


Claudio Miotti trio - CLAXXX

With CLAXXX, Claudio Miotti combines the rhythmic and harmonic research of Jazz with the expressive urgency of Rock. To explore different timbres, he adopts the baritone guitar, an instrument between bass and guitar, with a dense and deep sound. To him unite clarinetist Matteo Pastorino, a virtuoso with an unprecedented sound and explosive phrasing, and Jean-Baptiste Pinet on drums, a real groove machine. Starting from multiple influences, ranging from grunge to Hindustani music, CLAXXX produces music that is both powerful and fluid, lyrical and with a catchy rhythm, conveyed by the great sensitivity and the strong bond of the three musicians

Claudio Miotti: guitars
Matteo Pastorino: clarinets
Jean-Baptiste Pinet: drums


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