Jam Session Special Tania Maria

#FestivalEstivalDeJam #15 FRANCOIS CONSTANTIN percus invits…

JAM SESSION special TANIA MARIA - #FestivalEstivalDeJam #15 FRANCOIS CONSTANTIN percus invits…
As part of the festival: #FestivalEstivalDeJam #15
  • Wednesday August, 25th 2021
  • 9:00 PM
  • Baiser Salé
  • Free entrance

At the Baiser Salé, we take advantage of the summer to spend free and festive musical evenings at the Estival de Jam Festival, from July 17 to September 2, 2021, every evening from 9:00 p.m. More than a simple concert, the jam is an opportunity to discover outstanding musicians, to see them having fun improvising together. It is the feeling of participating in a unique moment. One hour of concert lays the foundations and launches the theme of the evening in homage to an artist then a jam takes us until the end of the night.

Tania Maria sings in English and Portuguese, she mixes jazz, pop and blues, choro and samba. Besides her deep voice, her style is particularly recognizable by the way she scatters or whistles and simultaneously plays her melodies on the piano.

Drummer of Patrick Bebey, Catia Werneck, Luis Augusto Cavani also accompanied Tania Maria on the roads. For this jam, a complicated rhythm, since we find his son on bass and four followers of Latin and Brazilian music.

Generosity, experience, energy, & talent guarantee the incomparable atmosphere of the Monday evening Jam Sessions.

Fabio Deldongo piano/guitar/voice
Luiz Augusto Cavani drums
Mathias Cavani bass/guitar
François Constantin percus/lead


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