Jam Session Tribute To Monk

#FestivalEstivalDeJam #15 - Simon Chivallon piano invits...

JAM SESSION TRIBUTE TO MONK - #FestivalEstivalDeJam #15 - Simon Chivallon piano invits...
As part of the festival: #FestivalEstivalDeJam #15
  • Thursday September, 9th 2021
  • 9:00 PM
  • Baiser Salé
  • Free entrance

Thelonious Monk's artistic legacy remains one of the most original and fascinating that jazz has left. “Monk was playing the piano like he had never seen one before,” English writer Geoff Dyer said of him in his book Jazz Impro. A paradox full of truth, through his approach to music made up of innocence and creativity, of an always full immersion in an inner world from which he drew a mysterious strength. Masterpieces such as “Round Midnight”, “Monk’s Mood” or “Pannonica” are the fruit of this extraordinary creativity.

Originally from the Bordeaux region, Simon graduated from the Pôle Supérieur de Paris in 2015. Sideman and leader, he loves the stage above all. In 2017 he released a first album FLYING WOLF ”with a good presence in the press. In March 2021, the trio album "LIGHT BLUE" devoted to a repertoire of songs that has won unanimous support in the profession. If jazz is a way of experiencing music in the moment, Simon Chivallon is its total incarnation, and each solo demonstrates it by its spontaneity and frankness. There is no room for pretense: what plays out is what comes, a sensitivity that expresses itself, a talent that breathes and seeks to touch the listener.

At the Baiser Salé, we take advantage of the summer to spend free and colorful musical evenings at the Festival Estival de Jam. More than a simple concert, the jam is an opportunity to discover outstanding musicians, to see them having fun improvising together. It is the feeling of participating in a unique moment.

Simon Chivallon piano/lead
Luca Fatorinni dbass
Damien Françon drums


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