Laura Prince

Peace of Mine

Laura Prince - Peace of Mine - Photo : DR
As part of the festival: Soirée Showcases Jazz Sur Seine 2021
  • Tuesday October, 19th 2021
  • 9:30 PM
  • Sunside
  • Free entrance

Laura Prince's universe? Authenticity and sincerity.

Author, composer, performer, she wants to stay in harmony with herself and the world around her. She defends a refined music that speaks of her childhood fears, of the diversity of her roots, of her heartaches. She has an atypical career, of those who forge and inspire.

To fly away, to escape, to escape … Maybe this is what “Peace of Mine” invites you to do? An album rich in surprises that takes you to other countries and resuscitates your own memories.It is with the talented, Grégory Privat, Tilo Bertholo, Inor Sotolongo and Zacharie Abraham that Laura offers us a refined and colorful music, a skilful mix of jazz, afro and soul influences sublimated by his bewitching voice …

Free entry within the limit of available places.

Professional certification :

Laura Prince : vocal

Grégory Privat : piano

Tilo Betholo : drums

Inor Sotolongo : percussion

Zacharie Abraham : double bass


September 2022

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