Felix Toca's Jam Session

#FestivalEstivalDeJam #15

Felix Toca's JAM sESSION - #FestivalEstivalDeJam #15
As part of the festival: #FestivalEstivalDeJam #15
  • Friday August, 6th 2021
  • 9:00 PM
  • Baiser Salé
  • Free entrance

Beautiful Latin Jazz and Salsa Timba jam. Evolution obtained by mixing with American influences such as R&B, Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop and Rap, a continuation of the modernisation process initiated by Los Van Van.

Félix Toca, a bassist who studied with Benny Moré, combines Afro-Cuban and Caribbean rhythms in a very jazzy way. Originally from Havana, he studied at the Instituto de Superacion Profesional. He arrived in France in 1999 and recorded with Deldongo, Ricardo Torres, Jose Luis Estrada, Laurent Hounsavi...

At the Baiser Salé, summer is the time to enjoy festive and colourful musical evenings at the Festival Estival de Jam, from 22 July to 2 September. More than a simple concert, the jam is an opportunity to discover outstanding musicians, to see them having fun improvising together. It is the feeling of participating in a unique moment. The first hour of the concert lays the foundations and launches the theme of the evening as a tribute to an artist, then a jam takes us through the night.

BENJAMIN NE guitar/choirs
WILBERT VARELA drums/choirs/timbales
PUNTILLA JR congas/bongos
FÉLIX TOCA bass/voice-lead/campana


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