Yom - Célébration - Photo : Arno Weil
As part of the festival: Soirée Showcases Jazz Sur Seine 2021

Known as one of the world’s greatest virtuosos of his instrument, Yom today radically changes his artistic vision with his album CÉLÉBRATION (Komos Jazz, May 28, 2021) to refocus on the essential, eliminate artifice and factice and access from within the nudity of true emotion, give access to its interior landscapes of touching modesty, provoke the awareness that movement, beauty, happiness can only bloom from within.

The duo with Léo Jassef goes on tour in a stage version of the album freely interpreted, where the fragile melodies of the disc rub shoulders with the epic improvisations specific to live, in a search for suspension of time, of introspection, of contemplation to live like a murmur, a caress, a tear of tenderness irrigating the arid surface of our trapped emotions, a burst of love on the desert horizon of our original solitude, a ceremony, a prayer, a ritual, a revelation, a collective meditation… a CELEBRATION.


Free entry within the limit of available places

Professional certification : prod@parisjazzclub.net

Yom - Clarinette

Léo Jassef - Piano, claviers


October 2022

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