Lisa Cat-Berro

Good Days Bad Days

Lisa Cat-Berro - Good Days Bad Days
As part of the festival: Soirée Showcases Jazz Sur Seine 2021

Lisa Cat-Berro’s second disc (Nominated for the Victoires du Jazz 2013 for her first disc "Inside Air"), "Good Days Bad Days" is the testimony of a crossing and a mutation that holds as much from the internal roadmap as from the diary.

The saxophonist reaffirms her qualities of songwriting and gives us for the first time the intimacy of her sung voice, as an amused and tender response to those who tell her for so long that she plays as we sing.


To give life to her "folksongs", she chose to continue the path begun with the musicians of her quartet. The sound of the band, tinged with folk and instrumental pop, which has patinated over time, gives a real depth to this music that wants to testify to the energy of life and resilience in each of us.

Free entry within the limit of available places

Professional certification :

Lisa Cat-Berro - Saxophone

Julien Omé - Guitar

Stéphane Decolly - Bass

Nicolas Lamignat - Drums


September 2022

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