Anissa Nehari & Lola Malique + Lo’Jo

ANISSA NEHARI & LOLA MALIQUE + LO’JO - Photo : Christophe Martin
  • Friday November, 26th 2021
  • 8:30 PM
  • Le Tamanoir
  • Full price : 12 €
    Reduced price : 10 €
    PJC member price : 10 €
  • The reduced rate applies to students, - 18 years old, beneficiaries of minimum social benefits and PJC members

LO'JO : Although they have long since abandoned the “Triban” attached to their name, the Lo'Jo are a true tribe, a family of blood: two sisters, but also of heart and mind. . A nomadic tribe where music travels and words are filled with poetry and tenderness. Thirty years of existence for this unclassifiable group, escaping any label, which expresses its singularity in a mixed plural through music inhabited by a universal vibration where the strings of the violin mingle with those of the kora and where the percussions take sometimes shamanic accents. A cabinet of curiosities, a large instrumental souk that offers the barge aromas of tavern and gypsy scents, java apache and punky reggae party, Berber blues and African swing, daring maloya and voodoo dance. A sacred musical bazaar with henna and cotton candy, muezzins and hawkers, carried by the texts and voices of Denis Péan and Nadia and Yamina Nid el Mourid, swirling muses, who gently lead us into an intoxicating trance.

ANISSA NEHARI & LOLA MALIQUE: It is a moment suspended out of time to which Anissa Nehari, multi-percussionist and guitarist with Tuareg and hip hop influences, and Lola Malique, virtuoso cellist with a classical and contemporary background invite us. Two fabulous modern day minstrels, who merge their worlds, their instruments and their voices, with the complicity of their differences and the richness of their diversities. A magical and bewitching moment, raw and stripped, which leads us from the shores of the Mediterranean to more distant horizons, through their creations on the edge of skin and sensitive strings, plunging us into their acoustic, poetic and dreamlike imagination, between ballads timeless and lyrical flights.



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