Irene Amata

Irene Amata
  • Friday December, 17th 2021
  • 9:00 PM
  • 38 Riv
  • Full price : 22 €
    Reduced price : 17 €
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  • Online fee : 22€

Irene's first musical love is the piano, and it was at the keyboard that she began composing songs in 2017 that conform neither to a musical genre nor to commercial recipes. The result is songs that define an essential sound universe, with mysterious, often modal atmospheres, in which Irene reveals herself through her intimate lyrics and bewitching melodies. After years of performing, this is a new beginning for Irene: singing her own compositions pushes her to renew her vocal performance and interpretation in her mother tongue, Italian. For the preparation of her first opus as an author, she chose to decline her songs in jazz arrangements, surrounded by high-flying musicians recognized on the French jazz scene, who succeeded in the delicate exercise of embracing this essential sound universe, and making it resonate as intensely as possible.

Irene Amata: chant
Fady Farah: piano
Maurizio Congiu: contrebasse
JB Perraudin: drums


June 2022

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