Electro Deluxe

Marseille Jazz des cinq continents

Electro Deluxe - Marseille Jazz des cinq continents

After the "vintage" explorations, Electro Deluxe ventures into uncharted territory: projecting their music into an imagined future somewhere between organic groove and digital emotions.
Playing with stylistic boundaries, the "APOLLO" project takes us into a musical universe that suggests a new galaxy as if the groove of the 70s met the French touch and the electro of today. The group's unique, pure and acoustic sound is enriched by the warmth of keyboards such as the Juno and Moog so dear to Euryhtmics or Stevie Wonder, of the legendary Linndrum drum machine from Prince's beginnings and of the Daft-style vocoder. Punk.
Electro Deluxe has made the stage its favorite ground where an ever-increasing audience comes to commune in an explosive and communicative energy. Is there a venue in France whose stage has not been engraved with the incendiary passages of Electro Deluxe? Concerts that follow one another in continuous flow. Long confined to jazz festivals, the group has since managed to find access to more mainstream events such as the Printemps de Bourges, the Festival du Bout du Monde or Solidays to conquer an even wider audience. By boarding the "APOLLO" ship, from Electro Deluxe, you will navigate between the earthly anchoring of a familiar groove and the celestial inspiration of synthetic daring to finally glimpse what we can call: a memory from the future.

James Copley: vocals | Jérémie Coke: bass | Gaël Cadoux: keyboards | Arnaud Revaille: drums | Thomas Faure: saxophone

  • Avenue Marcel Paul, 13140 Miramas, France



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