Duved'S Prebop Orchestra

  • Saturday January, 8th 2022
  • 8:00 PM
  • Bal Blomet
  • Full price : 25 €
    Reduced price : 15 €
  • Reduced rate -25 years old, unemployed

Duved’s Prebob Orchestra Virtuoso solos and crooner arias on the program of this big band of 12 musicians from the "pre-bop" era The Duved's Prebop Orchestra presents an unforgettable concert around original compositions and refined arrangements of jazz from the 20s and 30s. Rich tuttis, virtuoso solos and crooner arias constitute the heart and the spirit of the program of this big band of 12 musicians . Duved Dunayevsky has established himself as an undisputed specialist in the sound and technique of Django Reinhardt. He shares this heritage with his orchestra created in 2017 to rediscover and bring to life this music that no longer existed in Paris. With violinist Daniel Garlitsky, they present an album, a real dive into the aesthetics of interwar jazz, where dancing and singing rhythms mingle with the cheerful harmonies of this "pre-bop" era. The group offers here a parallel reality where this sound has not ceased to exist nor to evolve.

Duved Dunayevsky – Guitar
Daniel Garlitsky – Violin
Andrea Soria – Voice/Guitar
Pierre Richeux – Guitar
Scott Koehler – Double bass


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