Ana Guanabara

Musique Populaire Brésilienne

Ana Guanabara - Musique Populaire Brésilienne - Photo : Thierry Decrozant
  • Saturday March, 5th 2022
  • 9:00 PM
  • 38 Riv
  • Full price : 24 €
    Reduced price : 19 €
    PJC member price : 19 €
  • Online fee : 24€

The deep and solar joy, the rhythmic energy, but also the poetic and refined dimension of the Brazilian musical traditions inhabit the voice and singing of Ana Guanabara. Accompanied by Hervé Morisot (guitar), Josué Domingues (bass) and Christophe Bras (drums), Ana will transport us to the heart of Brazilian Popular Music (MPB) with her warm and moving voice. Bossas novas, sambas, but also baião or xote, festive rhythms from the Northeast of Brazil, with their particular colours and sensuality.

Ana Guanabara: voice
Hervé Morisot: guitar
Josué Domingues: bass
Christophe Bras: drums


June 2022

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