Jazz des cinq continents

Aldorande - Jazz des cinq continents
As part of the festival: Jazz des cinq continents 2022

Aldorande is a new common adventure for musicians with already busy lives. In this new chapter, our four explorers continue their interstellar journey on the planet Aldorande, solidly anchored to a passion as intense as ever for the Jazz-Funk and Fusion scene of the 1970s. Breaking the codes, the quartet initiated the rebirth of the genre: all they had to do was find the "Stone of the Worlds", asleep under the red sky of Aldorande. It is the only way to solve the enigma of groove. Mission accepted.


An evening with the support of the Department of Bouches-du-Rhône and the city of Allauch. 

Virgile Raffaëlli : bass, conductor
Erwan Loeffel : percs
Japhet Boristhene : drums
Laurent Guillet : guitar
Paul Bouclier : trumpet
Frank Chatona : saxophone
Léa Moreau : vocal feedback
Akemi Fujimori : choir


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