The Shoeshiners Band

Jazz des cinq continents

The Shoeshiners Band - Jazz des cinq continents
As part of the festival: Jazz des cinq continents 2022

The Shoeshiners Band revives the repertoire and the atmosphere of the old Harlem jazz clubs and its singer Alice Martinez embodies this role and sticks remarkably to the repertoire. The Shoeshiners Band embodies a young generation of jazz musicians who are determined to maintain the visceral links between jazz and dance... This dance is the lindy hop and the music is the swing, the one that puts an irresistible smile on your face and joy in your heart! Dynamic and cheerful, this orchestra can only give you one desire: to get up from your seats!


An evening of jazz from five continents in partnership with the Rendez-vous du Lac.

  • 150 Boulevard Paul Claudel, 13009 Marseille, France


June 2022

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