Guilty Delight

Guilty Delight - Photo : Aurélie Roquet
Aurélie Roquet
  • Saturday October, 1st 2022
  • 8:30 PM
  • Jazz Club Étoile
  • Dinner & concert
  • Free entrance
  • Consumption on site

Guilty Delight - "Plaisir Coupable" in French in the text - is Aurélie "Orel" Michelon, on vocals and writing and Rémi Voisin, on guitar and compo, surrounded by two, then three, and today five other musicians, to deliver a beautiful slice of catchy and varied blues and soul, carried by Aurélie's rich and powerful voice. 
Guilty Delight was formed in late 2019, but if the project is recent, its members have been evolving in the northern France circuit and within the same bands for years.
At a time when the music scene is getting back on track after two years of pandemic, the band Guilty Delight stands out for having developed the project, played concerts and even released an album, against all odds. This shows the desire and faith that drives these artists! 
In the group, the Blues part is Rémi. Experienced guitarist, composer, he goes on stage alongside Tino Gonzalès in 2012, putting a first foot in the world of blues in France, and will not cease to assert a chiseled and inhabited game.
Soul is Orel. Self-taught singer, performer and author, she grew up with the classic Soul songs of the 60s. Her warm, sensual and powerful voice but all in nuance brings the brassy touch to the repertoire of the group. 
The bass-drums duo comes to support this subtle alloy of Blues and soul, completed by a sparkling keyboardist and two gospel-colored choristers, for a warm and dynamic live.
A motivated team, and a first album full of surprises that does good in the ambient gloom! 
There is inevitably a song that will make you swing your head, tap your foot or move your whole body! Guilty Delight is sure to make you fall in love! 


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