Francois Poitou Featuring Pumpkin

As part of the festival: Soirée Showcases Jazz Sur Seine 2022
  • Tuesday October, 11th 2022
  • 7:30 PM
  • Le Klub
  • Free entrance
After his two previous albums in a modern jazz and chamber music style, François Poitou, double bass player and composer known for his songwriting skills, proposes a new artistic direction. The albums features Pumpkin, a rag singer, into a new jazz quartet: Olivier Laisney on trumpet, Maxime Berton on tenor saxophone, Stéphane Adsuar on drums, François Poitou on doublebass and Pumpkin on vocals.


According to François Poitou, who comes from a contemplative jazz inspired from chamber music, this new quartet is an important artistic change. Creativity and musical innovation has always caracterized his projects and you can feel it throught the groove and the pleasure they take when they play those songs.

In an Ambrose Akimusire's way, althought more organic, voice is seen a true instrument and have it's own solo parts.

The songs, mostly composed and written during the lockdown, are about, isolation, introspection and the complexity of social relationships.

The song "Rue Daguerre", a famous pedestrian street in Paris, is a true hymn to joy and closes the album. 

Olivier Laisney : trumpet

Maxime Berton : tenor saxophone

Stéphane Adsuar : drums

François Poitou : doublebass

Pumpkin : vocals


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