Gwen Cahue Quartet

Gwen Cahue Quartet - Photo : Patrick Martineau
As part of the festival: Soirée Showcases Jazz Sur Seine 2022
Formed in 2017, the acoustic Gwen Cahue Quartet propose us a dive between different areas and musical styles, revisiting the magic recipe of Django Reinhardt, the string-based jazz.

All the members of the band have a jazz backgroung but the have decided to explore other musical styles and to revisit american standarts, classical pieces or latin rhythms. We can hear Oscar Peterson, Michel Petrucianni, Piazolla and many more.

The idea is simple: Explore all the possibilities that offer the acoustic quartet: legacy of chamber music, orginal compositions, improvisations. All that between musicians and friends that know each other by heart. 



Gwen Cahue : Acoustic lead guitar

Bastien Ribot : Violin

Julien Cattiaux : Acoustic rythm guitar

William Brunard : Doublebass


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