Stacey Kent Symphonique

Stacey Kent Symphonique

For 25 years, Stacey Kent has been one of the great interpreters of vocal jazz. Her delicate phrasing and swaying rhythm illuminate the great jazz standards and classic songs. With grace and sensitivity, she presents on stage her magnificent album I Know I Dream: The Orchestral Sessions, accompanied by the Orchestre national d'Île-de-France. Sumptuous!

She is the most French of American jazz divas. Since her first album Close your Eyes (1997), Stacey Kent has captivated us with her clear and sensual tone. An exceptional performer, she elegantly tackles all repertoires, from the Great American Songbook to bossa nova, via French chanson. Without excess or technical demonstration, she reveals the melodic essence of the titles she appropriates with the gentle intensity that is her vocal signature, recognisable among a thousand.
I Know I Dream: The Orchestral Sessions (2017), the most important album in her discography, features a symphonic orchestra and a revisiting of Serge Gainsbourg's Les Amours perdues. At the TSQY, the Orchestre national d'Île-de-France will thrill us alongside the divine Stacey Kent.


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