Monika Kabasele "Grecofuturisme"

Monika Kabasele "Grecofuturisme"
  • Wednesday November, 2nd 2022
  • 9:00 PM
  • L'Entrepôt
  • Full price : 15 €
    PJC member price : 12 €

"Grecofuturism" is the project initiated by Monika Kabasele, a young singer of Greek-Congolese origin. In this project, (Congolese) rumba and tsifteteli (Greek rhythm) are combined with traditional melodies from both cultures. These are melodies rearranged in a contemporary jazz, tonal or modal context. The name "Grecofuturism" is inspired by the term "Afrofuturism" which explores the marriage between the culture of the African diaspora with science and technology. In this context, the name Grecofuturism, which is a neologism, describes the search for a mixed identity, which takes shape through the fusion of these two musical traditions. The aim here is not to replay these musical genres, but to create a bridge between the two, and a sound that expresses the present. This is what Monika Kabasele tries to achieve through the writing of her pieces and the use of electronic effects (pedals, loopers, etc.).

Dexter Goldberg - piano, effects

Cyril Drapé - double bass

Hugo Corbin - guitar, effects

Ananda Brandão - drums, voice

Monika Kabasele - voice, compositions, loops


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