Kham Meslien "Fantômes...Futurs"

Kham MESLIEN "Fantômes...Futurs" - Photo : Jean-Michel Delage
  • Thursday January, 12th 2023
  • 7:30 PM
  • Sunside
  • Full price : 20 €
    Reduced price : 10 €
    PJC member price : 18 €

Arid landscapes, bathed in light, where the material calms down... If Kham Meslien's compositions evoke the great outdoors, it is because the musician borrows the narrative power of the double bass and the warmth of catchy melodies. Accompanied by a looper and effects, a charango and percussion, he explores the sounds of his instrument, superimposes loops and improvisations, evoking the first solo records of Henri Texier or the pianist Nils Frahm. You have to let yourself be carried away, to gradually realize the obvious: life is only a matter of time and vibrations.


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