Fuz 4Tet

FUZ 4TET - Photo : Thomas Meyer
  • Wednesday May, 17th 2023
  • 7:30 PM
  • Sunside
  • Full price : 20 €
    Reduced price : 10 €
    PJC member price : 18 €

On a beautiful winter morning in 2020, Yuliia Vydovska is humming in front of the coffee machine at the Strasbourg Conservatory. It is an old traditional Ukrainian song that she sang as a child in her hometown of Cherkassy in Ukraine. She has no idea that she is thus laying the first stone of the Fuz4tet project. Beside her her three friends (Maxime Epp, Nello Dronne and Lucas Habe) listen to her attentively. The same evening, the four of them decide to take up this musical tune and wrap it in a jazz atmosphere. Fuz4tet's tour de force lies in its ability to create resolutely modern music from traditional Ukrainian influences. This subtle blend, unique and original, pleases both jazz audiences and younger audiences looking for something new.

Yuliia Vydovska - chant, violon
Maxime Epp - batterie
Nello Dronne - piano
Lucas Habe contrebasse


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