Olinka Mitroshina Solo (Blues, Original Songs)

Piano / Vocal

Olinka Mitroshina SoLo (Blues, Original Songs) - Piano / Vocal - Photo : Юрий Бердников aka Yuri Berdnikov
Юрий Бердников aka Yuri Berdnikov
  • Tuesday April, 18th 2023
  • 8:30 PM
  • Au Port du Salut
  • Dinner & concert
  • Free entrance

Pianist-singer-composer, based in Paris since 2012. With russian origins, from where she kept her maternal language, Olinka Mitroshina was born in Latvia, country where she lived during the Soviet period (URSS), and historical political movement in 1989. There, she studied classical piano, before coming in France in 1999. After a long period of practise, for which she earned an official diploma, she sells her soul to the Blues...



« Feeling, feeling, and more feeling. Olinka is pure feeling, of a rare kind. Hearing her sing and play the blues gives you goose bumps, the beauty and authenticity of her voice makes you dizzy and warm. She's got rhythm and much more. A unique artist with a bright future. » © Jean-Michel PILC

« The effortless execution in a beautiful phrasing - is one thing I personally like to hear from a singer. Olinka has it »  © Lionel LOUEKE

« Voix féline, enjôleuse et parfaitement maîtrisée et piano minimaliste, qui s'insinue dans vos oreilles, votre cerveau, pour mieux vous mordre les tripes et vous faire fondre. Laissez-vous aller... le plaisir est au bout. » © Emmanuel P. DJOB


about "Gershwin's Blues" Album

« Each track shows true imagination in its instrumental setting, texture and arrangement. It is music that should be listened to more than once to discover its different layers. I know I will and urge you to do the same » © Rick MARGITZA

« Olinka is a gifted pianist and vocalist of russian origins (from Latvia). It's revealed in her very apropo project Gershwin's Blues, baring her soul and heart beautifully and honestly. I continue to enjoy listening frequently to the wonderful and intimate interpretations of some of the best music ever written. » © Darryl HALL



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