The Supersoul Brothers

The SuperSoul Brothers

Father of riff, shuffle, southern swing, backbeat and chicken funk darlings, all very "Sons of Memphis", these six experienced performers, in the purest Stax/Atlantic style, unfold a deep soul, carried by a hot & groovy bass, a V8-style drumbeat, an inhabited trombone, a powerful and charismatic vocal lead, a roaring Hammond Leslie in unison with the 60's tremolo springreverb guitar.

Zootsuit, black & white derby, black glasses, this Take 6 knows the song, the history and the tricks of the trade of Soulman with a little more, this irresistible French touch to the colors of their Béarn and their Pyrenean roots. This energetic combo is an incredible firework on stage and with them Deep Soul is what it should never stop being... A music of hope ! A music of sharing ! The music of the Soul. Soul revelation of the year 2021/2022, they get a signature on the legendary label Dixiefrog Records. Their first album named "Shadows & Lights" was released on 24/09/21 (Vinyl, CD and Digital).

David Noel/Nono - (Lead Vocal), Ludovic Timoteo (Bassist), Fabrice Seny Couty (Drummer), Pierre-Antoine Dumora (Guitarist), Julien Stantau (Keyboard/Piano), Julien Suhubiette (Trombone), Claire Rousselot-Paillez (Vocalist)


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