Chris Grey & The Bluespand

Chris Grey & The Bluespand - Photo : Chris Grey

Chris Grey, Kasper Lauersen and Lars Frimodt-Møller have crossed paths many times over the years, but their true power and unique sound emerges almost magically when the three of them get together on stage. Between bouts of depression, personal disasters, and a general feeling of having hit rock bottom and finding themselves in a musical dead end, the three members of Chris Grey & The Bluespand yearned for a new beginning.

The band's newfound devotion spawned a new sound that would evolve over the next few months into a life force. Goodbye pills and shrinks. Hello Blues! Having become the darling of the Danish blues scene, the band was sent to Toulouse to participate in the European Blues Challenge. The Danish band meets German soul, funk and blues artist Tommy Schneller, who invites them to tour Germany and agrees to appear on the band's first album. "Lotta Love" was produced, acclaimed by fans and critics alike and fulfilling a mission that the three Danish musicians considered a matter of life and death. The band went viral on youtube with their live video "Grab'em by the Elbow" with over a million views, while the trio's video "Mammas Mammalaid" reached one million views only 10 days after its release and now exceeds 2'400'000 views. A fusion of blues, soul, funk with a hint of rock that gives the band a special and varied sound.

Chris Grey (Lead guitar), Lars Frimodt-Møller (Drummer), Kasper Lauersen (Bass)


June 2023

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