Tactus (Création)

Unique creation

Tactus (création) - Unique creation
As part of the festival: Entre Deux Rives Festival
  • Thursday July, 6th 2023
  • 9:30 PM
  • 38Riv
  • Full price : 22 €
    Reduced price : 17 €
    PJC member price : 17 €

Created at the initiative of Clément Piezanowski in 2016, Tactus began with a fruitful collaboration with pianist Delphine Deau. Both Inspired by avant-garde American jazz, they explore polyrhythm, odd meters, while maintaining a strong link with tradition.
Over the years and in concert, a repertoire has developed, and Tactus has produced 2 albums: Contours in 2019 and Spiders, Spirals and Frogs in 2022. These albums blend rhythmic and formal experimentation with jazz, rock and blues sounds.

For this exceptional concert at the Festival entre 2 rives, Tactus will offer a first set revisiting the repertoire of its 2 previous albums; then, for the second set, Tactus will invite 2 musicians from the Collectif PPP: Olivier Roch (clarinet) and Léo Jeannet (trumpet), for an entirely new 45-minute musical suite.

The starting point for this creation is the exploration of 4 Indian ragas, allowing us to put our melodic, rhythmic and harmonic conceptions into perspective in a new way. Some parts are written down, but the composer also wanted to retain the spontaneity of improvisation. This is a musical dialogue between 2 shores, East and West.

The richness and complexity of Indian music is a universe in itself, and it is with an adventurous spirit that the musicians make their way through this world, losing themselves, finding each other, improvising and experimenting.

Clément Piezanowski: guitar
Delphine Deau: piano
Hugo Rivière: double bass
Seong Jae Cha: drums
Clément Dodray: saxophone



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