Etienne Juan-Gesta Quartet

Modal jazz, modern jazz

Etienne Juan-Gesta Quartet - Modal jazz, modern jazz
As part of the festival: Entre Deux Rives Festival
  • Wednesday July, 5th 2023
  • 9:30 PM
  • 38Riv
  • Full price : 22 €
    Reduced price : 17 €
    PJC member price : 17 €

"Everything and nothing else" could be the mantra of this d'Artagnan of jazz, who is fascinated by Taoism, Asian cultures and traditional African music, which he practiced with Guinean masters. This architect of melody, adept at harmonic refinement, makes his own synthesis of the great musicians and tenor saxophonists who inspire him, such as John Coltrane, Michael Brecker and Chris Potter, and of all that he has absorbed like a sponge in the contemporary musical world: jazz of course, groove, pop, rock, but also visual music, especially when it is influenced by the impressionism of Debussy or Ravel. The stellar Joachim Govin, Théo Moutou and Dami Jee join him to play this cosmic jazz, which, though rooted in tradition, emancipates itself and flies towards the stars with sincerity and fervor.

Etienne Juan-Gesta: tenor sax
Théo Moutou: drums
Dami Jee: piano
Joachim Govin: double bass



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