Jules & Léo Jassef


JULES & LÉO JASSEF - #JazzDeDemain - Photo : cc
  • Tuesday September, 19th 2023
  • 7:00 PM
  • Baiser Salé
  • Full price : 20 €
    Reduced price : 16 €
    PJC member price : 11 €

Léo and Jules Jassef, who have enjoyed a close relationship since their youth, continue their already fruitful collaboration with this atypical duo. Together, they explore a wide range of languages, blending their own compositions with those of their illustrious elders to create a program as varied as it is coherent, in which freedom and improvisation take pride of place. Moving from gentleness to harshness, unafraid of abrupt transitions but never losing sight of fluidity, they play with the timbres of their two instruments, which then seem to become one.

Their mutual knowledge and shared inspirations create an innovative new paste that invites us, more than ever, to plunge into sounds that could almost be described as "Jassefian".

Created in 2012, the #JazzDeDemain slot has given rise to a series of monthly and bimonthly residencies, enabling young artists to experiment on stage, honing a repertoire, while presenting it to the public. A promising niche where creativity and emulsion know no bounds. #BeCurious!

JULES JASSEF trumpet/compositions
LÉO JASSEF piano/compositions


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