Omar Sosa / Gildaa

Sunday, June 30, 2024 - 8pm

Omar Sosa / Gildaa - Sunday, June 30, 2024 - 8pm - Photo : DR, Antonella Mori
DR, Antonella Mori
As part of the festival: Marseille Jazz des cinq continents

Set between France and Brazil, Gildaa is the story of a woman in search of her memory.
In her kitchen, an electro-acoustic tree: a typewriter connected to a violin, connected to a kora, connected to a trombone, connected to her voice, connected to her ancestors.
a kora, plugged into a trombone, plugged into her voice, plugged into her ancestors.
Progressive rnb, French chanson and Brazilian soul, Gildaa invites us on an inner journey
where Absurd and Mystical are intimately linked.
“Gildaa is fire, and she sets it on fire. On stage, and inside you. She plays, you laugh; she sings, you cry,
she dances, we vibrate. You have to see this explosive cocktail of fever, trance, humor, sensuality and unbridled vitality.
unbridled vitality, where everything is organic. What a delicious slap in the face! Emmanuelle Bercot

For Marseille Jazz audiences, Omar Sosa is like an older brother, listened to and awaited. All
Firstly, because he's accustomed to surprising us by plunging us into the abysses of his jazz
where the music of his world sails, and which he has the genius to link together to give us his best jazz!
his best jazz! His power of persuasion and his playground is also the stage.
as spiritual journeys, unique nuggets, moments of fusion between himself, his music and his audience.
his audience.  Omar Sosa is a generous master of ceremonies who knows how to keep us on the edge of our seats by charming us with the thousand and one musical facets he has been exploring for over thirty years.
with the thousand and one musical facets he has been exploring for over thirty years. This year
Omar Sosa returns with one of his favourite formations, in solo, in dialogue with his piano
and a spiritual connection with his audience. A concert not to be missed.


Gildaa: vocals, violin, percussion, trombone, Kora, loopstation, typewriter

Omar Sosa: piano and keyboards

  • 246 Rue de Lyon, 13015 Marseille, France



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