Jean-Marie Ecay


Jean-Marie Ecay - SOLO
Jean-Marie Ecay: Guitar

New compositions, re-adaptations of his old ones, versions of pop or jazz standards... this is the programme prepared by Jean-Marie Ecay for three Solo Guitar concerts at 7pm!

The opportunity to launch his solo project that he has been preparing for many years and that he presented in Nice in 2018, in Fonterrabie in 2019 and in Charenton in 2022... which will take shape with an album for 2023? To be continued...

Sideman of the greatest: Billy Cobham, Gino Vanelli, Didier Lockwood, Janik Top/Eric Lelann, Richard Galliano..., Jean-Marie Ecay is an eclectic, sincere and unprejudiced musician whose guitar style and personality make him a musician not to be missed.

So let yourself be carried away by his groove, his virtuosity, his inimitable blues touch and his acute sense of melody!

Baiser Salé


June 2022

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