Dynamo de Banlieues Bleues

  • 9 Rue Gabrielle Josserand, 93500 Pantin, France
  • Adresse de la Dynamo, pour les adresses des concerts du festival, se référer à chaque fiche concert
  • Aubervilliers Pantin 4 chemins (ligne 7) / RER E Pantin / Bus 170-249-330 / Vélib'station rue Gabrielle Josserand
  • +33 (0)1 49 22 10 10
Banlieues Bleues supports and guides the creation and diffusion of innovative concerts and live music at both departmental and regional, national and international level. The association aims to promote information, awareness, training, discovery and public demand for live music. It encourages the use and diffusion of non-professional practices in connection with the network of specialized educational institutions and associations. It participates in the structuring of networks and partnership projects. At the heart of the cultural project of Banlieues Bleues Association, artistic line is placed under the responsibility of the manager who leads and determines independently. It highlights the jazz musics in their diversity of styles, repertoires, musicians, emphasizing giving advantage to the innovation and musical creation with an opening to the nearby music and other artistic expressions mind. Banlieues Bleues contributes to the discovery of today's artists to high standards, in a friendly and buzzing atmosphere at The Dynamo, in March and April, during the festival.

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February 2024

The Jazz Guide of Paris and its region
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