Gypsy Jazz Jam With David Adom

Django Reinhardt style JAZZ JAM

Gypsy jazz Jam with David Adom - Django Reinhardt style JAZZ JAM
  • Friday October, 12th 2018
  • 7:00 PM
  • Guy Môquet Jazz Café
  • Dinner & concert
  • Free entrance
  • Great food or just for a drink with jazz

Gypsy Jazz, the Django Reinhardt style JAM SESSIONS led by the singer and guitarist David Adom every Friday 73 rue Guy Môquet 75017 Paris Jam Manouche every Friday!



A joyful and popular entertainment, which appeals to jazz fans as well as to all of those who discover this style of music!

David Adom sings as well with Django Reinhardt style’s guitars « Swing à la française » as with a more classical jazz band, with acoustic piano, drums and wind instrument. In all genders, the energy and virtuosity that transpires from his music makes you vibrate.


Under the spell of his sweet voice his shows will charm you with a surprising vocal ease from low to high pitch. The jazz singer carries his swing with a double repertoire: the classics of the genre and his personal compositions.

David Adom's performances does not resemble Jamie Cullum's jazz-resonant style nor Michael Bublé's Broadway appearance, let alone Harry Connick Junior's extraordinary performances, it is a unique voice, sincere and passionate, a new modern jazz singer but with a scent of black and white.

David Adom GUITAR and VOCALS
Léonard Bucur DOUBLE BASS
Jeremy Perrin LEAD GUITAR


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