Ray Lema & Laurent De Wilde ***complet ***


  • Wednesday September, 15th 2021
  • 8:00 PM
  • Bal Blomet
  • Full price : 20 €
    Reduced price : 15 €
  • Reduced rate -25 years old, unemployed

After 4 years spent on the roads playing with each other, Ray Lema and Laurent de Wilde decided to return to the studio to record a new repertoire, born of their complicity forged through concerts and long discussions.

The toothed wheels fit together to turn precision mechanics: here is the model they gave themselves for their second opus. These famous rhythmic wheels as they are called in Africa at the center of their concerns, they have for months worked on this ideal of perfect complementarity, putting this discipline at the service of their compositions of a wide spectrum.

Recorded on two Steinway pianos assembled more than a century apart, their repertoire of original works spans not only time, but also space, since there are rhythms inspired by Ethiopia (Abyssinight), Congo (Wheels, Lubablue), the Caribbean (Chicken Bicycle, Saka Salsa), United States (I miss you Dad, Chains), Nigeria (Human come first)…
Jazz, classical music and African music mix and are superimposed at the service of a singular song, that of two great artists passionate about encounters between worlds. The sound sparks that spring from it never cease to inspire them and this album is the new testimony, complete and sincere. The pulsation that inhabits it belongs only to them, it turns relentlessly and infuses all their music to make it as unique as it is universal .

Ray LEMA – Piano
Laurent De WILDE – Piano


October 2022

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