Clover Trio

« Puppet Dance » · Création 2021

Clover Trio - « Puppet Dance » · Création 2021
  • Wednesday October, 6th 2021
  • 8:30 PM
  • 38Riv
  • Full price : 22 €
    Reduced price : 17 €
    PJC member price : 17 €
  • Online fee : 22€

Harvest, the inaugural act of the Clover Trio (2018) had laid the foundations: harmony, musicality, creativity. On this balancing act, "Puppet Dance", the second opus of the Clover, pushes its advantage. The cement remains the same: friendship, the pleasure of playing together, artistic and human understanding. But a few cursors have been moved so that each can dig deeper into his own furrow and inspiration. Without renouncing its elegance, Sébastien Lanson's guitar allows itself a less clean sound and a denser grain, which do not fear distortion or saturation. Damien Argentieri refuses the easy effects of the organ to experiment with unusual playing modes. As for Benoist Raffin, he further asserts a gesture whose almost choreographic energy transcends the rhythm of his drums. In this way, the trio opens doors and dares to break with style, between romantic charm, rock energy and blues complaints, without denying its 100% jazz DNA.

Damien Argentieri: organ
Sébastien Lanson: guitar
Benoist Raffin: drums



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