Houria Aïchi

Mystical songs of Algeria

Houria Aïchi - Mystical songs of Algeria
As part of the festival: Jazz sur Seine 2021

Houria Aïchi, made famous for her interpretation of the songs of Aurès, is today revisiting the sacred repertoire of her country. She has collected here and there popular gems that tell about Saints and rites that punctuate daily life. "The collection of these titles," explains the singer, "was done through meetings with people from my country who were kind enough to simply and generously contribute. The main idea of this project was to offer a wide range of songs, representing as much as possible the Algerian geographical and cultural space ".

But if Houria has been careful to respect the letter, the spirit is there too. From these songs, she was able to capture the mystical essence and imbibe it, summoning with great finesse and precision the fervor that inspired them.

Doors open 1 hour before the concert.

Access to sanitary measures.

Houria Aïchi: Vocals

Mohamed Abdennour: Mandole

Ali Bensadoun: Flutes

Adhil Mirghani: Percussions



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