Rhoda Scott Lady Quartet


Rhoda SCOTT Lady Quartet - 40 YEARS OF SUNSET
  • Friday December, 31st 2021
  • 7:00 PM
  • Sunset
  • 50 €

Mastery, energy and thick timbre, Rhoda Scott remains a living myth of the Hammond organ. Surrounded by two monumental Leslie cabins and at the controls of a B3, she hops (always barefoot according to her legend) to make her bass keyboard and her double organ keyboard groove while ensuring a "bluesy" swing, airy and punchy. … With in addition a broad smile and a great generosity to put forward the most significant jazzwomen of jazz made in France within his Lady Quartet: Sophie Alour, Julie Saury and Géraldine Laurent ... This formation made up only of Ladies is born one evening at the Sunset in 2007. The love story continues with the presentation of the new album “We free queens” produced by Sunset himself and Stéphane Portet. Endless groove and swing!

Rhoda Scott "the barefoot lady" is one of the greatest organist. She's back with her "Lady Quartet" and a new album "We free queens": jazz, swing and groove !!

Sophie Alour - saxophones
Lisa Cat-Berro - saxophones
Thomas Derouineau - drums
Rhoda Scott - Hammond organ


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