Aurore Voilqué Trio Feat Angelo Debarre

Aurore Voilqué trio feat Angelo Debarre

After different projects, all very different from each other (Aurore Voilqué Septet, Rhoda Scott, Mayfair Electro Jazz or Orient Occident), the violinist and singer Aurore Voilqué, is releasing a second album in tribute to the gypsy music she loves so much, alongside one of the greatest guitarists of the style, Angelo Debarre. Indeed, in 2018 she released "la valse bohémienne". In 2020, it's "un soir d'été" on which she invites Thomas Dutronc and Sanseverino for a track each. 
Surrounded by a rhythmic groove held by Mathieu Chatelain on guitar and Claudius Dupont on double bass, the two soloists can let themselves go to improvisation without any obstacle. It is undeniable, it turns and this in the tradition.
It is this true gypsy sound that the violinist went looking for by gathering these 3 musicians, among the most requested of the style. 
A magnificent journey in the gypsy universe, between Django Reinhardt's standards, French songs and magnificent compositions of the maestro Angelo Debarre.

Aurore Voilqué (Violon, chant), Angelo Debarre (Guitare lead), Mathieu Chatelain (Guitare rythmique), Claudius Dupont (Contrebasse).



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