Tango Jazz Quartet "Tribute To Astor Piazzolla"

TANGO JAZZ Quartet "Tribute to Astor PIAZZOLLA”
  • Saturday September, 24th 2022
  • 8:30 PM
  • Sunset
  • Full price : 25 €
    Reduced price : 15 €
    PJC member price : 22 €

As part of its European tour, the Tango Jazz Quartet will pay a musical tribute to the wonderful Argentinian musician Astor PIAZZOLA on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of his death. The orchestra, which uses the rhythm and melody of the tango and merges them with the harmony and improvisation of Jazz, will present the repertoire of Astor PIAZZOLA to pay tribute to this great composer and musician. The result is music with the passion and feeling of tango and the timbre of a jazz quartet with saxophone/clarinet, piano, double bass and drums. A must of Argentine tango.


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