Jam Session Hosted By Caloé


JAM SESSION HOSTED BY CALOÉ - #PlaceAuxJeunes - Photo : cc

“A little slap”, Jazz News

“Caloé is one of the most delightful revelations of recent seasons”, Jazz Magazine

“A magic potion able to refresh us during the summer and warm us during the winter”, Batteur Magazine

Caloé sings jazz, improvises, interprets music from different cultures and writes music and words.

She is an avid fan of Ella Fitzgerald and studies the "scat" with precision and technique to master it in her own way.

Always surrounded by excellent musicians, she performs in France and abroad. Caloé has performed in many venues such as the Tribeca Arts Center in New York, the Zinco Jazz Club in Mexico City, the Cosmopolitan Hall in Oslo, the Fashing Jazz Club in Stockholm and various European festivals.

CALOE voice/lead


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